Thursday, July 19, 2012

Students today live in a very technology rich environment. It's only natural that their learning would include these tools. If our goal is to make each child a global and life-long learner, we have to include the tools that they utilize on a daily basis.
Middle school students will feel that if they are not being held accountable for the learning, then it isn't important. Non-accountable time with technology will be translated into free-time/electronic recess.
I reviewed Manipula (Math), Thinkfinity (Social Studies), PhET (Science Interactive Stimulation) and MangaHigh. Either of these websites could be used stations, small or individual practice or review. Students could be held accountable by having them journal or write an exit ticket on how they applied their learning to a specific classroom task.
iPods and iPads can be used in the classroom as a station or resource. Students can use iPods and iPads to browse the internet for information and clarification. The only limitation that I have found with iPods and iPads versus a computer is the lack of Flash.

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