Friday, June 29, 2012

Tool #5
1. I chose to create a Stupeflix video. See it here.
2. I also created a Prezi that teachers can use with students on how to unlock a locker.
3. Teachers could use these tools to present content to students. Students could use the tools to demonstrate understanding.
Tool #4
1. I created a Google Doc to create the Beginning of the Year meeting agenda to collaborate with other administrators and staff members.
2. I created a Google Form for a Staff Survey.
3. Accustomed to using MS Word, I found Google Docs to be limited in formating. I really like the idea that several people can collaborate and work on a common document. I plan on using this feature this year. I thought that creating a form was easy. I think that by using using the Google Documents and Forms that we can greatly cut back on the amount of paper that is used on campus.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tool #3
1. I've always been a fan of Discovery Education. They have many videos that fit our curriculum.
I also like Teacher Tube and School Tube.
2. Video hosting/streaming sites
Steve Jobs' commencement address to the graduating class at Stanford University.

How teachers can use videos in lessons.

 The case for multimedia.

3. I still find the copywrite information confusing. I did find the information from the Playing with Media article helpful, although I would have to review it while working on projects. I think it's always been assumed that copywrite protected items used for educational use. I'm not certain that we have historically done a good job of teaching copywrite to teachers and students.

4. Dropbox could be used for teachers and students to share documents and resources.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tool #2

I found myself spending a lot more time on Tool #2 than I had expected. I got caught up on a lot of the blogs, reading and sharing about ideas and opinions. It seems that you can find an educational blog on just about any topic.